COMMENTARY: Donald Trump’s security breach not illegal, but dangerous

U.S. President Donald Trump said he did nothing wrong by sharing sensitive information with the Russians. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

By Bill Kelly, Radio Host 900CHML

Despite protestations from White House talking heads, we now know that Donald Trump did pass on sensitive and classified security information to the Russian foreign minister at the White House last week. We know this because Trump himself admitted to it and bragged about it on Twitter, suggesting that as president, he can do whatever he wants.

That smacks very much like the shocking assertion from Richard Nixon that if the president breaks the law, it’s not illegal. Clearly, Trump shares the same omnipotent self-image as Nixon, but I think we already knew that.

The more pressing issue is the ramifications of Trump’s loose lips.

We’re told that the classified security info came from Israeli intelligence sources.

Israel and Russia are not allies, in fact, Russia’s biggest ally in the Middle East is Iran, a country committed to the destruction of Israel.

We may never know the impact of Trump’s misguided move because those involved in the clandestine and high stakes world of international security don’t talk about wins and losses because they fear it could compromise the safety of the men and women on the front line in that battle.

Apparently, that doesn’t matter to Trump.

What he did was not illegal, or impeachable, but it was dangerous and irresponsible and not the kind of behaviour Americans deserve from their president.