Commentary: K-W drawn into Hamilton LRT mudslinging

Some Hamilton city councillors want to poll the public on the LRT project. (City of Hamilton)

By Scott Thomspon, Radio Host 900CHML

Hamilton City Council Donna Skelly got in a mudslinging match with a reporter from the Kitchen Waterloo Record last week that has since gone viral.
Whether you agree with the reporter or Councillor Skelly, in the end, it’s the city that ends up looking bad.

The reporter got wind of Skelly calling the KW LRT project “ugly” during her arguments opposing our LRT at the city hall vote on environmental assessment.
She had driven up to see the project under construction but did not talk or meet with any KW officials (who are planning their second phase) for a guided tour.

Councillor Skelly clarified her comments on our show saying she meant the overhead “wires” were ugly, but stopped short of a heartfelt apology for her comments, choosing to emphasize this was all headline grabbing.
I asked the councillor how she would feel if a Toronto councillor said our stadium was “ugly, and in a bad location”. She agreed it was in a bad location.

This is what happens when a leader lets their personal political agenda get in the way of common sense and courtesy, let alone the betterment of the city.