Commentary: Liberals pointing at others, instead of their own policy

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne and her Liberals have to account for their own mistakes on hydro, Scott Thompson argues. (Dave Chidley/Canadian Press/File)

By Scott Thompson, Radio Host 900CHML

You know your political party is in trouble when it’s spending more time finger-pointing the finger at opponents rather than trying to sell its own policy, especially when the party has a majority.

On Monday, I received a press release from the provincial Liberals with the headline: “NDP to vote against lowering electricity bills — Andrea Horwath wants to deny Ontarians up to 40–50% off bills.”

No, I would suggest — her party has their own plan to provide relief and does not need to hitch their horse to the Liberals’ energy “mistake.”

Then yesterday, I received another press release from the Liberals: “Patrick Brown is still the man with no plan — policy promised 76 days ago still nowhere in sight.”

The last time I checked, the provincial election was still over a year away. Why would he get in the way of the Liberals’ self-destruction, which shows no signs of stopping?

Clearly Wynne’s electricity re-financing isn’t sitting well with Ontarians, especially when a leaked Liberal document revealed the projected costs of the extended loan.

So rather than fix their problems, the provincial Liberals are merely trying to distract us from the obvious.

However, when you have been in power as long as they have, every mistake is theirs.