Commentary: Pig Lady is free to water the bacon

Animal rights activist Anita Krajnc was charged with mischief for giving water to pigs in a truck, but a judge recently dismissed the charge. (Handout)

By Scott Thompson, Radio Host 900CHML

The Pig Lady is free!

Open the truck and let the critters be.

Anita Krajnc was charged with mischief when she approached a truck heading for a slaughterhouse in Burlington and gave some drinking water to the pigs on board.

The judge dismissed the charge, saying it didn’t interfere with the property involved — though there are plenty of farmers, and those in the food industry, who might disagree.

Krajnc’s activist group is known to gather outside the plant quite frequently, attempting to feed the pigs in transport.

My question is, who would be responsible if someone from the group fell under the wheels of the tractor-trailer as the vehicle was turning into the yard?

The group is known to wade into traffic and stand on medians to water the bacon.

Over and above interfering with the food chain, what about the safety of the activists chasing pig trucks — and the rest of us?

If you don’t want to eat meat, don’t. But why interfere with those who do?

Seems like a case of the cause getting in the way of common sense.