The key to the Islamisation of the west

Luke Gaboury
Jan 14, 2018 · 4 min read

The plan you probably never heard of.

For those who wonder why so many decisions being taken by westerns governments favor Islamic positions, here is a must read, this might hold all the keys to your questions. This is a translation from an original article published in France by Alain Wagner with. It discusses the story behind the plan to colonize the west. I am not taking position here, just passing information. Here is the link(french) and the translation down below. Please read and share.

Translated text:

Immediately after the Syrian-Egyptian defeat against Israel in 1973, the Arab-Muslim countries fought back by launching the first oil embargo, and the European countries hastened to negotiate in a position of weakness.

In 1973, it was the war of Syrians and Egyptians against Israel [Yom Kippur War] and the stinging defeat of the first.

Immediately after, OPEC and the Arab countries multiply the price of oil by 4 and classify the countries in three categories: friends, neutrals or enemies, the enemies being all those whom they associate to near or far to Israel. Countries like the Netherlands or the United States are under an oil embargo.

Following this blackmail, the Europeans negotiated with the Arabs and accepted all their conditions.

November 6, 1973: the nine countries of the European Community at the time, switched to the pro-Arab camp: recognition of the Palestinian people, alignment with the Arab narrative concerning Israel, creation of the DEA (Euro-Arab Dialogue), the ancestor of the Barcelona process.

Arab-Muslim countries have established a strategy for the preservation of the Muslim identity of immigrant communities and for the infiltration of host societies

In fact, the DEA aims to implement a series of elements that will be defined more precisely in 1975 by the Strasbourg resolutions.

This document lays the foundations of what we still live today: implementation of a labor recruitment policy in the Maghreb world, under the conditions dictated by Muslim countries.

This immigration has been claimed by the Europeans. The Muslim countries have set conditions in perfect coherence with Islamic doctrine:

1 ° equal treatment between immigrants and nationals (access to social and political rights),

2 ° no assimilation, Muslim communities continue to live in Europe in their own way, under the umbrella of the countries of origin,

3 ° introduction in European societies of a narrative about Islam: Islam is part of your culture, the press must have a positive treatment of Islam, setting up cultural centers in all European capitals. The Muslim populations that were to arrive in Europe should not be separated from the Muslim community and should be free to worship and live according to their culture.

These founding agreements of 1975 and those that follow are all covered by a document I recently discovered: the Islamic Cultural Action Strategy outside the Islamic World. It is an official document, adopted by the Ninth Islamic Summit held in Doha in 2000. It is therefore the summit of the Heads of State of the OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation), the equivalent of the Islamic UN. , the 2nd largest international organization in the world, which includes all Muslim countries. This document is public and downloadable in Arabic, English and French on the website of ISESCO (Islamic Organization for Education, Science and Culture):

It defines the mode of action for the following years, which consists of “implanting” (sic) Islamic communities civilizationally different from the West, according to the rules of sharia, communities whose vocation is to take the key positions at political, economic and communication in the host countries.

The implementation of this strategy, says the document, is based on cultural centers, mosques, Islamic schools (the document speaks explicitly of parallel educational process, most of these cultural centers in Europe are financed by the State , therefore by the taxpayers).

The development of this document lasted 9 years, in consultation with European Islamic organizations.

They asked the OIC because they found that there were signs of migrant children’s assimilation into Western society.

Muslim countries have therefore put in place a system that aims to “immunize” (sic) children against the “cultural invasion”. That is to say, Muslim children who go to a European school are considered to be alienated, as being in danger of going out of Islam and assimilating.

This strategy is what happens here today, whenever a cultural center or mosque is built.

One of the objectives specified as fundamental and obligatory is the teaching of Arabic to the European populations. That is to say that at this moment we have in France a minister who, as part of his ministerial functions, acts as an agent of implementation of this “cultural” OIC strategy.

The English version explicitly mentions as a translation of “oumma” (which traditionally explains to us that it is the community of believers) by the term “nation” Islamic.

You should know that ISESCO is an avatar of the Muslim Brotherhood


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