Poor people of all races are vulnerable to the novel coronavirus. Black and Brown people are dying at a disproportionate rate across our nation from this indiscriminate virus.

Incarcerated people are disproportionately Black, the homeless population is disproportionately Black, and the majority of the people detained by ICE are Brown.

I hope for no human to die and it is sad to see the data and actually witness in real-time the systemic inequities and injustices Black/Brown and poor people continue to experience.

Mostly Black, Brown, and poor people do not have access to high quality healthcare at well-resourced hospitals. They also have underlying conditions as a result of economic oppressions, racism, terrorism, injustices, education inequities, and income inequality, etc. It has also been well documented and researched that Black and Brown people have historically received inadequate medical care and continue to experience inequities in healthcare. This Covid-19 pandemic is magnifying the implicit biases, economic disparities, urban plight, racial injustices, poverty, homelessness, food insecure families, intersectional inequities, and so many other issues, including lack of transparent leadership.

Please do your own research about historical inequities and its current day impact. Please study the data related to systemic injustices and societal racism, and take personal and collective actions to change the system that is unequal and inequitable. The “system” is us… people created and maintain this insidious “system” of racism, discrimination, injustices, and inequities. Therefore, we must first do the personal work to end our own internalized racism and then collectively work (via policies, laws, operations, etc.), to eradicate structural racism and racial injustices. In order for us to truly be stronger together, we must ensure equity.

Please advocate for and encourage elected officials to:

1) Ensure ventilators are equitably distributed and assigned (regardless of income, status, power/influence, and/or race).

2) Collect demographic data and investigate quality care for people specific to this pandemic. Sign this petition.

3) Provide implicit bias education specific to this crisis. (We already know medical staff are overwhelmed, and this critical training may save lives).

4) Accommodate racial, cultural, linguistic, and gender representation if possible (this may help with the lack of trust Black/Brown people experience when receiving medical care).

5) Communicate facts and be transparent regarding this crisis. Be authentic and empathetic.

6) Make certain funding, aid, and other resources are equitably dispersed.

7) Free people held in ICE detention centers.

8) Release vulnerable people from jails and prisons.

9) Assure adequate distance, care, and sanitation for incarcerated people.

10) Establish targeted interventions (aid, communications, etc.) to eliminate disproportionate impact.

11) Secure shelter, food, and medical care for homeless people.

12) Conduct Covid-19 testing in an equitable manner (regardless of influence and income).

13) Protect “essential workers” by guarding them with personal protective equipment (PPE). This includes ALL medical staff as well as janitors, chaplains, store employees, pharmacists, and others.

14) Become an antiracist. Study and learn how you can personally and collectively dismantle the systemic racism and oppressions that create structural inequities.

15) Advocate for healthcare for ALL.

We must ensure the people in elected positions are fighting for equity and justice. We must hold them accountable to acting expeditiously (before this pandemic peaks). If they are complicit about the disproportionate impact of this pandemic, vote them out!

Elections certainly have consequences, so make sure you vote by mail for proven leaders dedicated to equity and justice. Vote local (city/county level), state, and federal. Information on voting by mail: Vote by mail

* To the people on the front and back lines of this coronavirus war, THANK YOU. We appreciate your sacrifice and service. We are all in this together and that is why working together to ensure equity is critical to save lives. *

* For more information related to the numbers of Black & Brown people impacted by Covid-19, please listen, like, follow, share, and subscribe to the podcast hosted by Gerald A. Griggs — Advocate, Attorney, & Activist: Numbers of Black & Brown People effected by Coronavirus

For resources related to this pandemic, refer to: Covid-19 Resources

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