This unprecedented pandemic in our lifetime is forcing a new revolution. Unfortunately, many people will die, lose wealth, and some will suffer physically and emotionally.

My hope is for healing, safety, and wellness. I hope for everyone to equitably thrive. This may require personal sacrifices, giving up & sharing, collective collaboration, and reallocation/reprioritization of resources. I realize there is a lot of uncertainty and people are fighting for their health, lives, and livelihood. Sadness and suffering are inevitable, and I hope we can all safely manage our health (physical/mental/emotional/spiritual) and survive this challenging time.

My hope is that when we overcome this pandemic, we will be a stronger global community. What we are experiencing in this crisis is an example of how we are ALL connected. The human race is being impacted by Covid-19 regardless of gender, age, race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, lifestyle, and/or sexual orientation. We are witnessing how when one person is sick, we all suffer. Regardless of whether this coronavirus was created in a lab or if it evolved organically, it is impacting all human beings. May we grow stronger together, not only as a nation, but as a global community of diverse humans. May we do everything we possibly can to ensure everyone has what they need to not only survive, but thrive. We are indeed different, yet the same. May we never forget our common purpose: to care for HUMANITY.

This revolution requires us to fight various battles, and we are all hoping to win this war and save as many lives as we can. I hope for us to recover from this with more respect, empathy, value, and appreciation for janitors, sanitation workers, cashiers & stockers, truck drivers, mail/delivery workers, EMTs, educators, care providers, and so many other critical roles that are underpaid and undervalued. I hope we continue to honor and protect our doctors, scientists, and nurses who are on the front lines of this war.

When this revolutionary war is over, I hope for us to be better prepared for the next war. We can be better prepared by:

1) Providing universal healthcare and viral testing accessibility (consider a global endeavor).

2) More pay and benefits (including hazard pay) for “essential workers” (& teachers).

3) Protecting and providing for (food, medical, shelter, etc.) vulnerable populations (including elderly, homeless, disabled, & incarcerated people).

4) More medical equipment and supplies (invest in healthcare and hospital beds instead of prison beds).

5) Investments in technological advancements that will facilitate more people working remotely to reduce carbon footprint and improve quality of life (less traffic congestion, decreased. stress, reduced vehicle expenses, etc.). This pandemic has already resulted in exponential environmental improvements due to reduced emissions, halting of harmful construction, and human waste, etc..

6) Online opportunities to facilitate more learning, skill attainment, and sustainability. This includes creating cyber safe platforms for education (schools & libraries) and businesses (less brick & mortar and more e-commerce).

7) Support for the arts. Invest more in art programs (music, dance, creative writing, painting/sculpture, etc).

8 ) When (not if) this happens again, shut everything down to save as many lives as possible. Be strategic, transparent, and build confidence.

9) Invest in farming and education related to food sustainability (creative planting).

10) Strong leadership. It is critical to have leaders who are truthful and trustworthy. Everyone of us can help build stronger communities, a better nation, and make a difference in the world by how we VOTE. This year is an opportunity to take action by voting (consider absentee ballot). We must vote our values because our lives truly depend on it. Request an absentee ballot today:

We are fighting for our very existence in this war. We are battling for our children and future generations. This war is forcing a revolution that will hopefully connect our human race to fight and be stronger together. This war will have many casualties, personal losses, and societal impacts. My hope is for us to continue to evolve to be more resilient people. My hope is for this war to be over soon and for our wounds to heal (mental, emotional, & physical). I hope for our loved ones to get the proper burials, the honored celebrations, and the loving unions they deserve. I hope for our human race to heal and thrive. I hope for humanity to be wholly connected in the greatness of audacious love, intersecting freedoms, and revolutionary hope.

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