Breaking down on Global Shrimp Coin (GSD) Fund Distribution Chart

Global Shrimp Coin (GSD) is a new cryptocurrency in town that is being backed by the most profitable shrimp farming industry based out of Peru. Global Shrimp Coin (GSD) has come at the right time when the shrimp business was reaching its pinnacle in profits. The farmed white leg shrimps are valued at $14 Billion USD in 2017 and are expected to value around $25 Billion USD by the end of 2027.

Fund Distribution

Global Shrimp Coin (GSD) has a fund goal of $50 million USD and now the funds from the company are distributed in equal parts.

Electric Station — 3%

Working and Legal — 20%

Super Intensive — 26%

30 HA of BIF — 18%

BS and Hatchery — 9%

Processing Plant — 24%

The funds are allocated in this manner so that profits are being reinvested in the other fields. On the whole, shrimp industry is highly profitable for the company and the token holders. Global Shrimp Coin (GSD) is expected to raise about $50 million to invest in the shrimp farming and to maintain the liquidity of GSD, the Global Shrimp YG Holding Ltd. will own 20% of equity shares. Round 1 of the presales ICO is still going on with a 20% discount and investors can invest their money into GSD who need higher returns. GSD also provides bounty campaigns for participants to complete tasks set by the company and receive GSD tokens for the tasks completed.

Global Shrimp Coin (GSD) provides a clear-cut idea of dividends for token holders where they can choose to hold the tokens up to 5 years to receive dividends from the profits of the company. After the holding period of 12 months is ceased, the token holders may choose to exchange it in CGX and HitBTC exchange for higher returns. Investors out there in the market have the perfect solution to invest their money in GSD.