Coding For Veterans Opens the Toronto Stock Exchange

On Friday, November 23rd, Global Skills Hub was proud to stand beside Coding for Veterans to open up the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Coding for Veterans is an initiative that was brought forward by North of 41 and their industry partners for the purpose of providing the men and women of Canada’s military with the necessary skill set required to excel in the Innovation Economy. The program is taught through accredited educational partners and focuses on computer programming skills along with advanced coursework in the areas of cybersecurity and data analytics in order to equip veterans with the skills they need to enter and succeed in Canada’s technology-based workforce.

Global Skills Hub CEO, Yousuf Khatib, joined The Honourable Bill Morneau, Jeff Musson of Coding for Veterans and, Ungad Chadda of TMX Group and many other leaders in the tech industry to open the market. Speaking of his experience, Khatib says,

“Jeff is an incredible visionary and really cares about the future of Canadians. To see the vision he drew out just a short while ago about bridging veterans to Tech come alive was incredible! I’m inspired to be partnering with someone of his calibre”

As the team at Global Skills Hub works to bring highly skilled tech workers to Canada, we look forward to partnering with Coding with Veterans in order to create a strong network of newly arrived experienced tech workers who will be able to mentor veterans as a part of the program. On this partnership, Khatib states,

“The Global Skills Strategy was never about just immigration. It was a holistic strategy created to serve the growth of Canadians in this new economy. By having companies commit to complimentary benefits like mentoring Canadians and partnering with incredible organizations like Coding for Veterans — we are able to work towards building a future for our country. “

He continues on to explain, “We have all heard the overused cliche that in 10 years, every company will be a tech company. If you are part of a company in Canada that is concerned about the future of the tech ecosystem and reskilling and upskilling Canadians — then participating in the Global Skills Strategy is the simplest way to take part in this monumental vision”