We are delighted to share a blog written by student null Yoana Todorova from Sotogrande International School, who is part of a team delivering a Global Goals project for the 2019–20 Global Goals Competition.
Their project is among over 957 social action projects created as part of the GSL movement and we are excited to be supporting them to design and lead positive social change in their community.

Our experience so far has been challenging, educational and really rewarding.

Project Summary

In our Global Citizenship Programme (GCP) class we are passionate about the environment. We felt that a pressing issue in our community is the excessive use of plastic. We came up with “Bee Green” — a social enterprise that creates beeswax wraps — a reusable and sustainable alternative to plastic food wrap, made using organic beeswax from a previous GCP initiative and donated second hand clothes. We are working in collaboration with our school’s student-led NGO, The Kindred Project, and helping to achieve the goals #2 — Zero Hunger, because our wraps preserve food for longer and beeswax has antibacterial properties, as well as goals #12 — Responsible Consumption and Production, because we are reducing the amount of plastic used.

Your Journey

Through this initiative we are developing our ability to work as a team, as well as our planning and research skills, time management, creativity, organisation, commitment, and resilience. We learned about social enterprises (businesses that aim to benefit the community rather than aim to make profit). Of course, we learned how to make beeswax wraps, which was challenging and took many tries to get right. Our biggest challenge at the moment is preparing to pitch the project to our school board — this is very nerve racking but we will overcome this challenge by asking for feedback for our presentation, watching Dragon’s Den, and practising.

Project Summary

Being part of a project like this one is such a valuable experience, and we are so grateful to have this opportunity. You learn so many important life skills, and it’s a chance to tackle an issue that you are passionate about. We understand now that changing the world is achievable, and we are part of a global community that is doing it.

The 2019–20 GSL Global Goals Competition runs until June 2020. If you belong to one of the 700+ teams of students currently delivering a social action project as part of the competition we would love to hear from you and feature your blog and project photos on our website to inspire others.

We are a transformational youth movement of dedicated young change makers who are working towards achieving the Global Goals.