#11: Will Guy Altagar make the CV history with the JoVo app?

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Have you ever felt that you simply don’t have the opportunity to express yourself in the right way when applying for a job? Guy Altagar believes that he created a solution, and it’s called: JoVo.

Jovo (Jobs-On-Video) improves the communication between employers and their job candidates, bringing a win-win solution for both sides. While it helps applicants present themselves in a more creative way than with a written résumé, it also provides vivid candidate’s presentation and increases employer’s chances to make a good choice (also known as false-positive)!

In this great video, we discussed the traditional recruiting process, the potential and future of video, and much more!

Website: http://www.jovoapp.com/

Enjoy the show!

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0:25 Who is Guy Altagar?
1:46 What is JoVo?
2:11 Why is video a good solution for recently graduated job candidates?
3:57 Can you tell us what someone could do with JoVo when he wants to apply for a job?
6:09 How do you see the market developing in terms of video and texting?
7:42 They say that recruiters spend 5–7 seconds on a CV. Is that true?
8:48 Where do you stand at the moment in terms of fundraising?