#16: Stephanie Cherrin presents an advanced level of investing: Welcome hub:raum!

Welcome back to Episode №16 and one of the most interesting made-in-Israel #StartupShow interviews!

This time we hosted Stephanie Cherrin, Investment Manager @ hub:raum. Stephanie has been working in investments for more than three years and she is super passionate about her job!

hub:raum was founded back in 2012, as an early stage incubator and investment vehicle of the global telecom provider Deutsche Telekom. Aside from the financial support, they also provide their portfolio startups with co-working spaces and a network of experts.

Website: https://www.hubraum.com/

Join us in this episode and find out more about the investment policy of a multinational corporation, venture capital trends and investor-startup relationships!

Enjoy the show!

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0:23 Who is Stephanie Cherrin?
0:49 What is hub:raum and what is your job there?
2:41 Why does Deutsche Telekom think Israel is the right place to be?
4:44 Which sectors or companies are you interested in?
6:23 Many startups say that it’s getting harder to raise funding. How does it look like from the other perspective?