#17: Amir Elichai: Reporty Serves People in Emergencies and in Everyday Life

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Welcome back to episode №17 of the #StartupShow!

Together with Amir Elichai, Founder & CEO at Reporty Homeland Security we explored the purpose of innovation when it comes to lifesaving.

Amir Elichai studied Business at the New York University and additionally has a law degree. With a few ventures behind him and a very interesting career path, he founded Reporty just four years ago.

Reporty is an emergency system that makes the traditional emergency reporting procedure much shorter. It helps people in danger effectively inform emergency services about the on-site situation and to precisely locate themselves — with a single click on a smartphone.

Website: http://reporty.com/

We discuss how technology can serve people in crisis, the difficulties of fundraising and a lot more!

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0:50 Who is Amir Elichai?

1:31 What is Reporty?

4:25 How is Reporty being used?

6:51 What was your experience like with fundraising?

8:47 You said that a startup is like a roller coaster, with ups and downs. How do you deal with that?