#2: Eden Shochat: Growing BIGGER with Aleph VC

In our second episode of the #StartupShow (it feels like such a long time ago), we had the great pleasure of hosting Eden Shochat, Equal Partner @ Aleph VC!

Eden is a multi-skilled entrepreneur who has always been passionate about 3D space, UX monitoring and a lot more. He started four startups so far and eventually discovered that his greatest motivation is:
 “To help entrepreneurs be more productive!”

Aleph is a venture capital fund that is focused on building strong partnerships with startups and founders. Their main mission is to support startup companies develop and scale globally.

It was so interesting to discuss the current venture capital status, trends and to hear more about bots!

Aleph has an impressive portfolio: Lemonade, WeWork, Houseparty and many more.

Website: https://aleph.vc/

Enjoy the show!

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0:26 Who is Eden Shochat?
 1:46 What is the team behind Aleph VC focused on?
 3:26 Aleph VC organized many events and one of them was the Aleph Bot Challenge. Can you tell us more about it?
 5:35 Since you challenge people to create bots, can you give us an example of the perfect bot?
 7:04 Did you receive any interesting applications so far?
 9:04 What do you think is the current venture capital status (in Israel)?
 12:03 Which financial model do you use most often when evaluating startups?