#68: Peter Stein: Using Technology at the Forefront of Woman’s Health at Ava

It was so interesting to host the first Fertility Tech startup in the latest #StartupShow!

It’s always an honor to meet great people focused on a noble idea, such as helping couples become parents!

In today’s show we are excited to present Peter Stein, a Mechanical Engineer from Germany, a serial entrepreneur and Co-Founder & VP R&D @ Ava AG.

Ava is a technology platform for women, that provides all kinds of gynecological services. It is based on physiological data collected by a medical device — Ava bracelet. Most importantly, it helps women understand their bodies and find out precisely when is the best time to become pregnant.

In this video, we spoke about the importance of a great team, the challenges of fund-raising in Switzerland and, of course, women’s health!

Website: https://www.avawomen.com/

Enjoy the show!

Skip to Questions:

0:34 Who is Peter Stein?

1:12 What are the biggest challenges when starting your own company?

1:48 What is Ava all about?

3:50 Do you have success stories from your clients already, that became pregnant due to the Ava platform?

4:53 You were one of the rare examples of a Swiss startup that raised a big round of funding in the last few years. How was that experience for you?

7:23 Where do you see the market going in terms of the connection between women’s health and IoT?‎