#82: How Soon Will We Fasten Our Seat Belts In An Autonomous Airplane with Daedalean?

Welcome to episode №82- totally different than any we had before!

An avionics tech startup is being featured on the #StartupShow for the first time ever!

Our interviewees are Jasmine Kent and Luuk van Dijk, both with impressive professional backgrounds in the Tech industry. Kent has previously worked at YouTube and Google, which she describes as a fascinating place to work. Her colleague van Dijk has a PhD in Physics with a scientific background, as well as large work experience at technology giants, such as Google and SpaceX. They united their knowledge and passion for state of the art technology, and founded Daedalean.

From a robotics point of view, flying is actually easier than driving.”

Daedalean is a startup that aims to create a certified autonomous airline pilot, which will be able to pass the existing tests for human pilots.

Website: https://www.daedalean.ai/

Aside from the avionics technology prospects and robotics, we also discussed some down to earth topics, such as entrepreneurial challenges in Zurich.

Don’t miss this extraordinary episode!

Enjoy the show!

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0:27 Who is Jasmine Kent?

0:46 How was it to work at Google and YouTube?

1:10 Who is Luuk van Dijk?

4:59 What is Daedelean?

6:31 What are the main advantages of having a computer “flying car” versus a human flying one?

8:55 What’s your method to bring knowledge in-house and make a software out of it?

10:45 How does it feel to be a Swiss startup, based in Zurich?

11:39 Besides high salaries, do you see any other challenges when running a startup in Switzerland?