Episode #67: Interview with Jeremy Cohen, Founder @ Simplewealth

Super excited about the StartupShow #67 with Jeremy Cohen from Simplewealth.

How to invest correctly? What’s the right strategy? Topics that are of interest to us all (well, at least to me)!

The stumbling block for many future investors is pretty much the same: Unless you have a personal banker, picking the right investment strategy for you has a lot of uncertainty. Simplewealth was founded by Jeremy Cohen to make investment planning clearer and simpler for everyone.

Jeremy’s background is very impressive. He worked at multinational companies, such as UBS and Mckinsey, but then decided to change his career path in the Startup direction! Simplewealth is an innovative fintech venture that serves as a platform for personalized and professional banking services, while offering better conditions than any other bank.

In this interview we discuss investment strategies, capital accumulation, the stock market and so much more!

Check out the video and enjoy the show!

Skip to Questions:

0:28 Who is Jeremy Cohen?
1:58 What motivated you to make the shift from corporate to startup?
2:46 What is Simplewealth?
4:13 How can future investor use the platform?
5:49 What ROI can investors expect?
6:33 How do you pick stocks?
7:53 What should be the investment strategy for retirement?
10:45 How do you combine your work at a corporate with running a startup?