Find and switch to a bank that fits your needs: One-click with FinReach /Episode 94

Welcome to the 94th Episode of the #StartupShow!

We conducted this extraordinary interview in Berlin, in the offices of the company builder, BridgeMaker. It was an exciting opportunity to meet Dr. Matthias Eireiner, the CEO of FinReach, and to get another look at the Berlin startup ecosystem.

Today’s guest has a dynamic background! Matthias Eireiner is an engineer who previously served as a CTO in two companies and gained vast experience in the management consulting field as well. For the past three years, Eireiner has been the CEO at the fintech startup, FinReach.

Growing as a part of Finleap, the company builder we hosted in StartupShow Episode №58, FinReach offers an innovative Saas (software as a service) solution for retail banks. Simply put, it enables clients to switch from one bank to another online, in less than 10 minutes. More than 500 banks are already using the service, among them: Deutsche Bank, DKB and Unicredit.

We help banks leverage their customer base by giving them plug’n’play Saas solutions, which they can offer to their clients to increase the customer lifetime value.

In this video, we discussed possible disruption that digitalization may cause, the advantages of a company builder’s support and much more.


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0:45 Who is Dr. Matthias Eireiner?

1:23 Can you tell us more about your transition from corporate to the startup world?

2:45 What is FinReach?

5:32 Can you give us an example of how your clients use your service?

6:58 Do you think that customers change banks more often now that they have a service that provides easy transitioning between bank accounts?

8:01 As a part of Finleap, can you tell us what is it like to grow in a company builder?

10:50 What can you tell us about Berlin’s startup ecosystem?