Intelligo: Background Checking Made Simple for Everyone /Episode 129

In today’s episode of the #StartupShow we dig even deeper into the Israeli fintech startups. To discuss it with the best possible interviewee, Cedric visited Intelligo and met with Shlomo Mirvis, the CEO & co-founder. Apart from his insights into the Israeli startup world, Mirvis shares his thoughts on advanced background checks as well as what inspired him to start his company.

Shlomo Mirvis is a former corporate lawyer that went down a very interesting career path. This experienced Chief Executive Officer entered the world of high-tech by mistake but, as he explains, he is very thankful for that. Passionate about the power of innovation, Mirvis is a mentor at “8200 Social Program” while also being the CEO & co-founder of Intelligo. Meet him better in the video below!

At Intelligo, they believe that every relationship is based on trust, no matter if it is in your personal or business life. With an aim to empower that trust, they created a solution for comprehensive due diligence and background checks, relied on by AI and machine learning. Another important goal of the team behind Intelligo was to make their innovative solution very simple and accessible for everyone. Mirvis will discover us how they did it.


Watch the interview to learn what motivates an entrepreneur to start a business and to keep up with the innovation afterwards. We will also try to discover the key to a successful work-life balance and a lot more. Don’t miss this one!

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0:56 Who is Shlomo Mirvis?

1:43 How was the shift from corporate (lawyer) to startup?

2:29 You are a mentor at “8200 Social Program”. What is “8200” and how you are involved with them?

3:23 What is Intelligo?

4:12 What inspired you to start Intelligo?

4:46 What’s the current status of the background checks market?

5:26 What can people find when using your tool?

6:01 What is it that you use that provides efficient and accurate background checks?

6:52 Any interesting background check that resulted with a red flag?

7:40 What’s your vision for your company and your industry for the next five to ten years?

9:09 Where do you get all the data from?

9:55 What is your experience with the Israeli startup ecosystem? What are your impressions?

10:51 What could be improved?

Quick Fire Q&A

11:29 The most important character in an entrepreneur is…?

11:36 What’s important to you in an investor and why?

11:52 What would you like to see in the next five years in your ecosystem?

12:18 What are some tips for balancing work and life?

Expert Advice

12:56 Expert Advice from Shlomo Mirvis