GlobalXplorerº is developing a blockchain for antiquities.

GlobalXplorer‘s’ Blockchain for Antiquities joins Tachyon Accelerator, Consensys Ventures’ new flagship initiative.

Tachyon will take place at ConsenSys Ventures’ in San Francisco, September 7 — November 17, 2018.

The GlobalXplorerº team is excited to announce we’ve joined Tachyon, the new blockchain accelerator from ConsenSys Ventures, on their social impact track in their inaugural cohort.

Tachyon was created to identify game-changing projects that will drive innovation across the blockchain ecosystem. The mission of the 10-week program is to solidify companies’ foundations and put them in the best possible position to reach their maximum potential over the next 1–3 years.

GlobalXplorerº team members Chase Childs & Jennifer Wolfe join Joseph Lubin, Kavita Gupta, Tim Draper, Tachyon staff & mentors and teams from the inaugural cohort at the kickoff in San Francisco.

We’ll spend the next 10-weeks in San Francisco being mentored by the Tachyon team, experts from the ConsenSys mesh (including Adhara, Civil, Infura, ConsenSys Labs & Legal, MetaMask, Token Foundry, Truffle, Trustology, and Ujo) Legal), blockchain pioneers, and guest advisors, as we develop our global antiquities blockchain, alongside 15 rockstar for-profit and open-source companies (check them out in this TechCrunch article). Teams have a chance to pitch venture capitalists and angel investors at Demo Day in mid-November, to further grow our projects.

We’d like to hear from you, our Explorers.

Blockchain. Do you support it? Understand it? Already using it? In the weeks our team is out here in SF working, we’d like to hear your thoughts on blockchain and its application to archaeology, the global antiquities market and the preservation of our shared cultural heritage.

Send us a message or post a comment on our Facebook page. Tweet to us at @Global_Xplorer. Or get your own conversation going using #blockchain4antiquities.

Follow our progress! You can catch updates on our project, and all our fellow projects in Tachyon, by following Tachyon Media on Medium. It’s an exciting time for blockchain, so it’s well worth watching what all these talented companies are up to.

Support us! Big plans require generous support. If you’d like to support the GlobalXplorerº Blockchain or Crowdsourced Satellite Mapping platform, you can do so via a GXº Bloomerang donation. You can also join our Citizen Archaeology Movement via our Patreon page.

Dig Deeper. New to GlobalXplorerº? Watch Dr. Sarah Parcak’s 2016 TED Prize talk on why she founded GlobalXplorerº, the tipping point humanity is facing, and the promising future of crowdsourced citizen archaeology (and check out our other Medium posts detailing how our community of 75,000+ citizen explorers helped find new Nazca lines during our first satellite mapping expedition in Peru last year).

GlobalXplorerº is an online platform that uses the power of the crowd+AI+blockchain to find, protect, and monitor archeological sites and antiquities.

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