How to trade GCP on the Lykke Exchange

Register with Lykke

To start trading GCP on the Lykke Exchange:

  1. Download their app called Lykke Wallet. These are the links to download:

2. Once downloaded, you need to open the app and create a new account (if you didn’t have one already).

Complete your KYC

Please note that after you select a payment method, the app will ask you to go through a standard verification process before trading, known as “KYC” (Know Your Customer).

The KYC consists of four steps:

  1. Take a selfie
  2. Take a picture of your passport or ID
  3. Take a picture of a utility bill, a bank statement or a document that serves as a proof of address (the documents should be in English, Russian or Turkish to facilitate verification).

Normally, the KYC process takes up to a day. If the applicant provides all the requested information, the account will be verified in 24 hours max.

Trading tokens

How to find the GCP token

  1. Lykke Wallet (app home screen) > Payments and Transfers > Choose Deposit / Withdraw / Trade > Choose payment method > Find GCP
  2. Lykke Wallet (app home screen) > Trading Wallet > Deposit / Trade > Blockchain Transfer > Find GCP
  3. Trading Wallet (second icon at the bottom) > Tokens > Find GCP and click (+) > Choose deposit / trading
  4. Trading Wallet (second icon at the bottom) > Click on the Blue Exchange icon, bottom right corner > All Assets > Choose GCP/ETH or GCP/BTC > You will be taken to the trading screen.

Trading Screen

At the trading screen you will see the current highest buy and lowest sell offer.

  1. There you can choose GCP/ETH (if you want to buy GCP) or ETH/GCP (if you want to buy ETH using the GCP as your currency) as well as GCP/BTC and BTC/GCP.

*Before placing your order, take some time to check out the three tabs: ‘Chart’ is the first page, where you are now; ‘Orders’ shows your current open orders; and the Book tab is the most useful one, it shows you the prices and amounts for sale. You also have sub-tabs where you can see the volume (how many GCP are in the buy/sell order book for each price level). If you choose depth it will summarize the amount for sale at different levels including amounts from lower prices. You should now be ready to buy/sell as you know the current prices.

Buy or sell

  1. On the first line, put in the amount of GCP you want to buy / sell
  2. On the second line you see the total value of your order in ETH
  3. On the third line, you choose the price you are willing to buy / sell for (If you just want to buy / sell and do not care too much about getting a specific price, you can choose the tab ‘Market’. There, the price is grayed out as it will automatically adjust according to how much you want to buy or sell)
  4. When your order is all set, choose buy / sell GCP (or check-out on market order)
  5. Enter your PIN and you’re done!

This is the current Lykke policy. GLOBCOIN is not responsible for any changes on Lykke’s policy / trading interface. This is meant to be a guide for the GLOBCOIN community to trade GCP and does not represent an official guide to Lykke‘s products. If you have any other problem contact Lykke support: