10 Most Dangerous Countries for Travelling Alone

One of the joys of travelling is that you have the freedom to decide whether or not you want to go solo or to go with a group of people. Self-sufficiency, independence, and your ability to adjust to various situations will all be put to the test during a solo journey. However, there is increased concern on solo travel safety due to a number of incidences involving the loss of human lives. In cases where there is a real threat and there is imminent danger, it is always much better to have someone by your side. Many governments have given very explicit travel warnings about the dangers of going to specific countries. Here are 10 most dangerous countries especially if you’re travelling alone:

1. Turkey

There have been increasing political instability in this beautiful country over the past few years, making it an unsafe destination for solo travellers. The danger is heightened if you are a woman, especially if you dress inappropriately in a very public place. There may be some business owners or shopkeepers who show aggression especially toward women.

2. Egypt

Egypt is rich with culture and history, but travelling alone in this country is dangerous. Shopkeepers in crowded markets and taxi drivers can be quite aggressive, and there have been a lot of reported incidences of theft, violence, and sexual harassment on the busy streets.

3. Lebanon

Lebanon has been in the center of political upheavals throughout the years. In recent years, however, more and more travellers have discovered the beauty of this fascinating country which stands at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. On December 2017, the safety of travelling here was put into question when the body of a British lady was discovered, with signs of sexual assault and strangulation.

4. India

Many solo travellers visit India year in and year out. While this vast country is a great place to visit, going alone, especially if you’re a woman, is fraught with a lot of dangers. In 2016, solo travel safety was put in the spotlight when several gang rape cases were reported by women travellers in India.

5. Colombia

Although the drug cartel has long been demolished in Colombia and visitors have trickled in during the past few years, organized crime and kidnapping are still considerably prevalent, especially in the big city. If you are travelling alone in this country, you should not take your mobile phone out or leave your bag unattended.

6. Brazil

Even if Brazil is a beautiful country, it is best to visit with a group and not explore it alone. Sexual assault, robbery, and aggression are some of the most common crimes that tourists experience here.

7. Pakistan

The GPI listed Pakistan as having a “low state of peace”. This beautiful country is beset with political instability, corruption, and social unrest. There have been a lot of targeted attacks on civilians.

8. Afghanistan

Criminal activity and insurgency are very prevalent across the country, and despite reports saying otherwise, the Taliban is still very active, with increased attack on unsuspecting civilians.

9. Morocco

Morocco is on the travel bucket list of many people. However, travelling there alone, particularly for women, could be dangerous. Women travellers are advised to dress conservatively and stay in well-lit places.

10. Venezuela

Venezuela currently faces political instability due to its deteriorating economy. There have been reported insurgencies in various parts of the country, making it a dangerous place to visit, especially when travelling alone.

Solo travel safety is one of the major concerns of going to another country without a companion. While travelling alone is not such a bad idea in a country that is deemed safe, it is very risky to go alone to these dangerous countries. There have been sufficient warnings against going to these countries, and there are valid reasons why they must be heeded.

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