How to Buy or Extend Travel Insurance When Already Abroad

More often than not travel insurance is among the last things on your mind when you are planning a trip and preparing to go abroad. It is also not the main factor affecting your decision to stay in a place you fell in love with a little bit longer. It’s the opportunity to be spontaneous and to do things we’d hardly do at home that makes travelling so great.

However, not extending your travel insurance policy or not buying one when you are already travelling can lead to a recovery from both medical issues and financial setback.

Did you know?

The majority of travel insurance companies require your physical presence in a country of residents to renew your expiring policy or to buy a new one.

Where to buy travel insurance if you are already travelling?

Globelink Travel Insurance is a UK based provider offering various travel insurance policies for EU residents. They have been successfully operating for 20 years and have some great experience with 93% of customers rating them as excellent or great.

How to buy?

Buying travel insurance from Globelink is quick and simple. You can either do it online on their website or arrange a policy over the phone if you have any questions to be clarified before you buy. Globelink even offers cover when parents want to purchase a policy for their young adult children who forgot to get insurance before leaving abroad.

Are there any special details?

When you buy travel insurance after your trip has already started, you’d have to accept that you won’t be able to claim on a policy for anything that has already happened. For example, if you already feel unwell or lost your gadget yesterday, you cannot take out travel insurance and then make a claim for that.

There is also an anti-fraud measure meaning you cannot claim for anything within 48 hours after you have purchased the policy. However, new claims requiring inpatient treatment which can be independently verified, can be made within the first 48 hours.

So whether you are a Brit climber in Caucasus, a couple on the beaches of Indonesia or a shopper in Milan, Globelink Travel Insurance can get you covered wherever you are.

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