6 Tips to Save Money on Packaging

To impress the customer and to meet the desired satisfaction level, manufacturers have continuously reinvented their packaging style. A good package also helps increase brand value and earns brand credibility. However, to achieve this, many companies end up spending boatloads while packaging their products. Sometimes the expenditure on the packaging is so high that it costs more than the product itself. Let’s take a look at some ways and tips to make it easier on your end. If you are a manufacturer or depend on packaging supplies for your brand value, here are some things you need o start focusing right away.


It is important to concentrate on the product that gets delivered but at the same time, packaging cannot be ignored. It should be done in such a way that the product will survive the transportation and also bring a smile when delivered to the customer. Consequently, several aspects of the packaging designs need to be checked before narrowing down to a successful choice.


Get multiple quotes for the different types of packaging, either by asking or searching on the internet. While getting the packaging material compared, make sure that the comparison is made on absolute sizes and materials so that it won’t be confusion while buying the cheapest. In this case you can hire a broker for assessing and comparing the quotes for you.


When you buy the cardboard boxes in bulk, there are lot of suppliers who will offer discounts on purchase. For the best deal, you will however have to scout the market in search of these suppliers as most of them do not advertise themselves. It is also important to start a good relationship with the vendors and suppliers for future deals. A good relation will not only help the professional bonding but will also ensure a good discount percentage on your next order.


Packaging gets more costly when more and more layers are used in it. Regardless of it being foam, cardboard or bubble wrap, try and cut down some of the layering or coating. Adding more layers does not convert into a more secure packaging. Identify that one single material that can be used instead of number of layers and which will ensure the safe delivery of the product.


Your tools and equipment can be maintained by regular training the employees and staffs. It is mandatory to implement a maintenance programme that will protect your instruments from getting damaged and destroyed. The spare parts that you need the most can also be invested in a modest inventory.


Manufacturers are constantly coming up with materials that are cheaper, stronger and cut down the cost of shipments. Depending on your experience and package types, you will also need to innovate at a certain point in time to do more with your packaging.

While sending out the package it is important that your business card should go out with the shipment. Try and get a supplier who is not concerned fully in making money and would help you in making your business more profitable by spreading the word. Of course, the arrangement needs to be mutually beneficial for both parties. The above mentioned tips will help you to increase the productivity and help you in maintain your customer satisfaction standards. Packaging, being an important part of your establishment, needs to be orderly and be of high quality.