Picnic spot ideas 2016 around west Bengal

In the month of December to January, people develop a craze of picnic around their city and within the state. West Bengal is such a state where you can organize picnic within the laps of nature. Winter picnic will be very fascinating with delicious food dishes, fun, games and togetherness. In this article you will come to know about various destination and picnic spots 2016. If you want to take a break from the city life and enjoy a day out with your friends, the winter picnic can provide you great enjoyment along with the stress free schedule. Let us find out some of the picnic spots in year 2016.

Picnic spots 2016

Ichamoti park

This park falls in Hashnabad line which can be reached through Taki road from Barasat junction. You can either reach this place by train or bus. If you have a private vehicle, nothing will be better than this. This is one of the safest picnic spot where people can easily visit along with family and kids to spend the day as a winter picnic. This has the water body from the river Ichamoti with an island where different canals are getting surrounded.


Another wonderful among the picnic spots 2016 is none other than ist location based in Taki. It is around 75 km from the main city of Kolkata. This is really a famous winter picnic spot that is having Ichamoti river that connects both India and Bangladesh. This is the place where the Bangladesh border is visible. If you are lucky, you can even see people from Bangladesh using the river. This spot is also lovely for family picnic. Taki Rajbaris are the attractions of this place.

Sanhati park

The particular winter picnic spot is not very old but right from its inception, the authority has been making number of innovations and improvements in the place. This spot is located at Ashoke Nagar that lies along the bongaon line. This is the best spot for picnic of kids as they can enjoy the day with variety of rides such as paddling of boat, rope ways and much more.

Makarsha bagan

Makarsha bagan is the picnic spot with lots of big trees with very wide trunk and great water bodies in the middle. You can reach this place from Madhyamgram and take badu road to reach the place. You can also have a view of wonderful old brick temples around the particular winter picnic spot. The wider area and openness in the lap of nature will help you get best treatment within the picnic spot.

Millennium park- Babu ghat

The particular picnic spot is located in the lap of river ganges around which you can get the views of Dakshineswar temple, Belur math and other wonderful places to have a look. You can also hire a jetty and enjoy the view. If you are a large group, you can hire a private jetty and enjoy the mesmerizing view of the place. Family members and friends will really enjoy the ride.

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