Summer travel destination in Argentina

Argentina is a place to choose for your summer travel. With the location at the southern region of South America, Argentina is blessed with natural beauty. The tourist spots in Argentina include wildlife, city rife as well as the ancient colonial towns. You will be able to have a view at the vibrant culture of people staying there. Argentina also includes tribal people who started their living before Spain’s colonization. The rich plains, pastoral steppes, majestic mountains are present to explore in Argentina. Let us find out more places to explore through this article about summer travel Argentina.

Iguaza Falls, Argentina

Nothing can give you relief rather than water during summer. Iguaza Falls in Argentina can provide such relief on a hot summer day. The natural beauty includes the waterfalls that are placed on river Iguaza. This river line makes a border between Argentina and Brazil. The place is also surrounded by lush forest where wild life can be easily found.

Los Glaciares, Argentina

The particular tourist spot in Argentina will let you forget your hot summer days that has been making you sick and tired. This is also one of the natural wonders which you can explore during your summer holiday. You can go ahead with the activities like mountain climbing and hiking.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires is yet another travel destination in Argentina where people will never visit single time. You must have heard about the famous dance form named as Tango. This place in Argentina is its birth place. You can be able to explore various heritages within this place. Travelers can shop and enjoy during the holiday trip.

El Calafate, Argentina

Travelers from various place around the world has come to Argentina to view its tourist spots. El Calafate is one of such spots where you will be able to have a view at the Glaciers. You might have viewed this only in television. But this can be viewed really.

Tilcara, Argentina

This is a little different place which will be presented in front of travelers. You will be able to view the lively festivals as well as ruins of Pre — Inca over here. You will be able to view and explore the ancient civilization of this place.

Originally published at on April 13, 2016.

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