Top Rakhi gift ideas 2016

Rakhi is a wonderful festival that unites all brothers and sisters staying close or far of places. This is the only festival when the actual bond of love can be viewed. Sisters tie rakhi- decorated thread with beads and other material over the right hand of the brother. The brother on the other hand hands over gifts to sisters. Even the sisters hands over gifts to brother provided she is elder in age. Rather, these days, exchange of gifts makes the bond of love stronger. Celebration of rakhi is also accompanied by a treat to brother. Either everything can be cooked at home or they visits restaurants and enjoy the treat. Every year when rakhi comes people gets confused about the gift ideas. They wish to give something unique.

Gift ideas for brothers

Coffee mug and rakhi

When you are going to give a gift to your brother, budget becomes an important consideration. The coffee mugs would be less expensive and can be a wonderful rakhi gift idea. Today, you can also create some personalized message or picture on the coffee mug. You can print the picture of yours and your brother. This will be among wonderful gifts for brother during rakhi festival.

Watch organizer with rakhi

Almost every male individual is found of watches. They might be having atleast 5–6 watches which they exchanges each day and wear. But, hardly anyone has a safe and suitable place to store. This watch organizer as a gift will be wonderful as, your brother can get all the watches handy as soon as he opens the organizer. This can be one among the suitable gifts for brother during rakhi.

Executive shirt with rakhi

You should always give your brother a gift which he can utilize and extract benefit from it. Formal shirt is what every male would require as they need to visit office every day. Sometime they think all their shirt in the wardrobe has become old and they have nothing to wear. Being a sister you can gift this to your brother in this rakhi and surprise him. The celebration of rakhi will be boosted with this gift.

Goggles, deo with rakhi

If your brother is really stylist, this set of gifts for brother will be really suitable. Your brother will be really happy to receive such gifts. He can wear the new goggles and apply the deo next day he makes a plan to hang out with his friends. This is among the gifts for brother which he would definitely like.

Books and rakhi

Some of the people around the world are really studious. Rather they can be called as book worm. If your brother falls among those category, books will be a great idea for rakhi gift during this year. You can secretly ask some friends or close individuals of him to get an idea on what type of gifts he likes. Accordingly you can easily get one or two for him along with rakhi on this rakhi festival.

Originally published at on August 5, 2016.

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