Travel Food of US to enjoy and feed

Are you ready to taste American foods? If you are a foodie then the answer definitely should be the yes. You can roam all around the US and get some amazing food items which are not only mouth watering but also unique. You can taste different kinds of delicious foods of every corner of the world too as here almost all countries restaurants are available. So, get ready to indulge yourself with best US foods.

Always Try the Top Foods

Never let the chance to go to try the Top food in US while you are there. You must taste American hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken tenders, potato chips because these all are travelers’ choice food.

You should definitely grab the chance to eat donuts, ice-cream and soft drinks too. The mentioned all foods are America hot favorite foods.

Different Cuisine with Different Taste

American travel food belongs to different kinds of cuisine around the world. It is the best opportunity for you to taste the special foods the entire world. Apart from American cuisine a traveler can also taste fusion cuisine, Asian cuisine, Latin American cuisine, Indian cuisine as well as other cuisines. The multi cuisine is the best option to go.

Restaurant You Must Visit

If you are already made a plan to travel in America then here are some best places for foods you must visit. The Bazaar Restaurant in Los angles California or Galatoire’s from New Orleans, Louisiana you can go for the dinner. The New York based restaurants like Jean-Georges or Masa should be your lunch or dinner destination.

Spiaggia restaurant of Illinois Chicago or Victoria & Albert’s of Orlando, Florida you should visit once to try the best American cuisines.

Must Eat American Foods

The must eat American travel food makes you salivating whenever you see the yummy foods. Buttermilk biscuits, Tasso ham, maine lobster, fish tacos, key lime pie are the name of some best and must eat American foods.

ds like funnel cake, crab cakes, candied yams, snow cone etc are the travelers choice food in USA.

Food Versatility in America

It is tough for a traveler to taste all kinds of foods in a single visit to US. The versatility of American foods absolutely amazed you. You can have Bacon, Barbecue, Chicken Nuggets, Drunken Chicken, Eggs Benedict etc in your breakfast. The sandwich is always the top food in US. The fun time American travel food belongs to pasta salad, patty, pizza, Cheeseburger, fried chicken apple-pie etc.

Other Unique Food of America

Apart from this well known food of America there also some unique quality foods you must try once while visiting there. Pastrami sandwich, S’mores, Buffalo wings, corn dogs, lobster roll, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are the foods which are belongs to traveler’s choice food.

So, no need to get late anymore. Just get the ticket to America and enjoy the various cuisines. Trying all kinds of foods in America will be your life time memorable fun.

Originally published at on January 30, 2016.