Looking back at two years of investing at Globevestor

As we wrote in our inaugural post, Globevestor just completed 2 years of active investing in early-stage startups. It has been a very enriching journey for us and we’ve come a long way in building a quality portfolio, a truly global investor community and defining our approach towards investing in high-impact ideas. Our experience in these 2 years has also validated our deeply held belief that a lot of efficiency, transparency and trust can be brought about in early-stage startup investing.

In this post, we share a summary of where we’ve reached till now and a glimpse of the plans ahead. …

Globevestor’s genesis and our guiding principles

As India celebrated her 70th Independence Day this 15th August, the energy, spirit and drive associated with startups was unmissable across the country. There is now a definite air of optimism and confidence all around about India’s place in the new world order and the role entrepreneurs will play in enabling it.

The day also marked two years of active investing in Indian startups for Globevestor. After a beta month in March 2014, we’ve been continuously investing since September later that year. …



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