GlobeX Progress #1

Hello to all GlobeX Supporters! We have pack of news for you.

Team Update

Crypto Markets are experiencing huge decline and exchanges, that providing service for customers spending a lot of money to stay stable, safe and secure place for everyone.

We need to buy new servers and spend more money on security, so all team wallets will be unlocked for short period time. Transactions from our wallets will be announced in Telegram channel to exclude negative reputation and outcomes.

Also, tokens that belong to team were distributed. Now all wallets holdings are changed.

Exposure Movements

GEX Token now listed on STEX and Mercatox. Next step in our movement will be applying to CoinMarketCap as token and later, after exchange release, as exchange.

Also, we are getting a lot of proposals from teams, that will be listed on our exchange, so we are expecting warm start once our product will go live.

Development Updates

Exchange development progress is in good shape. We are working on exchange wallets security, orderbook test filling and working referral program. UI/UX of Exchange is continue to improving. Voting system for projects, you want to see next on GlobeX is almost finished.

We updated our GlobeX Whitepaper to provide more information about our goal, our team and our product.