overwhelming male and overwhelming white
Now Would Be A Good Time For Oculus and Valve To Quadruple Their Investment In Diversity
Cody Brown

I have difficulties understanding, in my heart rather than my brain, where the logic “overwhelming male and overwhelming white” is inherently a bad thing.

You are a young white guy in tech and following this logic we might say you are reenforcing this seemingly bad-stereotype (isn’t it ?). Should you help forging a then better society by embrassing an alternative career where your demographics is on the low percent, like harvesting tea leaves in Sichuan ?

It seems to me that it is akin to say strawberries being red are a bad things but hopefully with advancement in controlled genetics we could at least experience them in every colors we might want (and sub-flavors !). Those nasty red-sugarly-supremacist berries.

Peoples are so much more than their genome / melanin rate / geographical location. Yes we are greatly shaped by the culture which nurture us, and this come naturally with genetics similarity. It’s like, ultra narrow minded to point a group of people for a feature of this group that does not match one’s vision of the world. That’s discrimination ! and your doing it ! and me too at this very moment ! (omg infinite loop).

To simplify via extrapolation : if there was an idyllic situation where any group of people will perfectly match at scale the demographic of the human species at a given time, they will still be together for other reasons : ethics / passions / whatever. Where this segregation will be better ? Where is the silver lining ?

That being said, …

What about democracy ? I despise Trump even having been able to be a choice in this election, and there is a lot to say about mass control and how much people own their belief or whereas they are shaped by strong external forces, but this kind of PC-witch-hunting does not solve the problem at all. You’re using the same kind of tactics with a “good guy” label on it.

I once think the Hacker culture was a space of innovation, free spirit, evolution and self-actualization; a modern age equivalent to the Renaissance culture. It seems now that its crippled infants : Silicon Valley / Tech / Geek -culture, have fallen on the bonfire of the vanities, believing in their oblivious moral superiority over the rest of the plebe.

Oh, it seems I became an internet white knight that believe its point of view matter in the grand scheme of things. Sad sad world.

many kisses xoxo

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