Solar Thermal Budget Kit


Solar Thermal Budget Kit — A complete solar thermal panel roof kit, providing you an economical way to provide solar power from sunlightto your home.

This Kit Includes:

20 Tube 47mm Solar Panel (SFB20–47) Qty 1

Pitched Roof Mounting Kit for 10 & 20 tube Solar Panels Qty 1

MTDCV1 — Medium Temperature Difference Controller Qty 1

Retrofit Coil 65CM 2.25 Qty 1

A-rated Circulation Pump Qty 1

22mm x 1.1/2 Ball Valve for PUMPCPA5 Qty 2

5L Solar Antifreeze Qty 1

10MM Copper Pipe (10M Roll) Qty 1

Armaflex Insulation 10mm (13mm wall) Qty 10

12l expansion vessel Qty 1

Kit for Expansion Vessel Qty 1

Filling kit (for antifreeze) — hand-pump Qty 1

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