How to use Glocalzone App? (Glocalzone 101)

We are excited to announce the release of Glocalzone app and our new payment system which will offer more secure and faster payments than ever :)

Glocalzone is the easiest way to reaching overseas products and earning money while you are traveling.

For IOS:

For Android:

For Web:

Here is some updates for you

  • We improved our security system as well as other features. So you can login change your password in very secure way.
  • Your all unpassed travels are still active on our app. So, you can continue to receive requests from shoppers.
  • In order to get paid from your exist or future travels, it is required to provide your Government ID number, IBAN of your bank account, and working mobile phone number.

How to use?

You can use Glocalzone both as a traveler and as a shopper. Let’s look our short “how to use” videos :)

  1. How can I add my travel?

2. How Can I Add Product?

3. How Can I Send a Product Request to Travelers?

4. How Can I Send a Message and Make a Deal As a Shopper?

5. How Can I Send a Message and Make a Deal As a Traveler?

6. How Can I Edit My Profile and Travel?

7. How Can I Filter Travels?

Do you have questions? You can check your help center.

You can look our new web site for details!