This Carefully Crafted Minimalist Sketchbook Is Perfectly Designed with Architects in Mind

As all architects know, there are few things in life more valuable than a good sketchbook. That’s why the Architools Notebook, a sketchbook now raising funds on Kickstarter, was designed from the ground up to suit an architect’s workflow and sense of style. From the design of the covers (which incorporates the golden ratio) to the type of binding (which allows the open book to lay flat for double-page sketching or scanning), the Architools Notebook has considered all the little things that can help make a sketchbook the perfect companion.

The minimalist design features 300 gsm white covers with 140 sheets of A5-sized 100 gsm paper. The sketchbook uses a Smyth sewn binding to allow it to lay flat when opening, making it perfect for scanning, while the covers are accented with a copper edging designed to protect the sketchbook’s corners (while also developing an appealing patina over time). There is also a cheaper option without the copper edging.

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In addition, the front of the sketchbook includes a treasure-trove of useful architecture data: in addition to a calendar, there are helpful charts outlining lineweights, paper sizes, font sizes, and other things that architects might need handy.

All in all, the Architools Notebook has everything it needs to justify going everywhere with you — perfect forthe “everything-but-the-kitchen-sink” sketchbook power user.

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The Architools Notebook is currently raising funds on Kickstarter; you can order one here.