Experience The Magic Of Gloetry Assembly’s Women’s Circles

A Gloetry Assembly Women’s Circle in February 2018

Women are transported from the busy streets of Brooklyn, New York into an oasis of divine feminine energy.

Grounded, and removed from the weight of the world, they hang up their bags and prepare for mental healing. The studio is dimly lit, with the smell of sage, palo santo and incense blending together, filling the air. Sounds cycle through a thoughtfully curated playlist mixing rhythms, vibrations, and beats from around the world, setting the mood, and whisking us deeper into a magical vortex. Seat cushions adorn the floor, arranged in a circle for the women who will soon occupy them. For the next few hours, we are home.

I welcome each woman with a loving smile, a warm embrace, and an open heart. One woman steps forward to receive her sage cleansing, before heading over to fill her cup with freshly brewed raspberry tea. I look around the room to see some women anxious with anticipation, others overflowing with curiosity and a few beaming with excitement. All guided here for their own reasons, they prepare to share in this experience together. The circle is diverse — there are women who recently graduated from high school sharing conversations with women in their 60’s, there are black women, white women, and Asian women seated alongside one another and there are LGBTQ women waiting in line for their sage cleansing. Some join in laughter, some smile and embrace, others take each other in at a cozy distance.

Once everyone has arrived and I have given the last cleansing, I join the circle. The women fall silent, the music lowers. The journey is about to begin.

“Welcome to Gloetry, I’m so grateful you were all called here tonight. My name is Karmay, I am excited to be here with you this evening.”

“Gloetry Assembly is a woman’s reprieve from daily life, offering a safe space for us to introspect, reflect and challenge our existing belief systems.”


A women’s circle is a space where women intentionally gather together, share their stories, are heard and build community. They are popping up all over the world, but have been practiced since the beginning of humankind. Kim Kirkley wrote in her article, Find Peace in the Significance of Circles, that “The circle is a profound, and transcendent symbol,” Circles mirror the natural world as the sun, the moon, and earth are all round, providing humans with a sense of safety and understanding. She adds, “It is said to represent wholeness, completion, inclusion, the life cycle, heaven, eternity, and the universe.” Circle gatherings were a sacred time to share wisdom, worship and pass on traditions and customs to younger generations.

For women, it was a time of intergenerational storytelling, where mothers, daughters, and sisters, would come together to support and empower one another. Women’s circles are sacred in that they are non-hierarchical and serve to foster equality. In circle, everyone shares the role of being both student and teacher. No one is the expert. That alone ensures a reciprocal dynamic based in unity, harmony, and collaboration. This interconnectedness naturally opens us up to share our vulnerabilities, our deepest fears, and our insecurities with complete strangers. As a result, women emerge with a deeper sense of empathy and compassion for their sister that is authentic and pure.

However powerful, these women’s circles disappeared from society for centuries due to persecution and fear. Thanks to the feminine awakening movement, they are now making a comeback, growing at exponential rates as more and more women are seeking spaces to speak their truth, be authentically themselves, and create community.

“Incredible women of all backgrounds, introspective discussion, and a safe environment that truly allows you to explore.”


Gloetry seeks to fill the community-building void that is missing in today’s society. Our mission is to provide safe, non-judgmental spaces for women to experience deeper connections with themselves and create sisterhood. At Gloetry, you belong and are accepted just as you are.

We invite women to take off the masks we wear in society, let go and allow ourselves to be seen. For a few hours each month, we come together to be vulnerable, release whatever has been weighing on our hearts and feel the immense power of sisterhood.

So what exactly happens at a Gloetry Assembly Women’s Circle?

We begin every circle with a grounding meditation to support us in being fully present. We then move into the self-reflection and journaling portion where we internally explore the theme for that evening and write whatever pours out onto the paper. After a few minutes of introspection, we wrap up our thoughts and close our journals. I then open up the circle for sharing and we begin to hold space for our sister as we speak our truth.

At one of Gloetry’s last circles, we discussed the nuanced relationship women have with their breasts. This seems like such a simple topic, but when we are allowed the space for exploration, we find that there’s a deeper story waiting to be told. In circle, a brave woman with a larger cup size shared that she had always been ashamed of her breasts and felt the need to wear sweatshirts or turtlenecks to appear modest and respectable. Another woman shared how birth control had visibly reduced her cup size leaving her feeling less feminine, and a third woman shared that she lacked any sort of sensation in her breasts which affected her intimate partnerships. We learn so much about the unique female experience when we hear other women share their stories and, in turn, learn so much about ourselves.

“A safe space to speak my truth, however scary, was always received by a group of truly inspiring and supportive women.”

It’s a magical experience seeing women uplift one another, empower each other and heal together. This is the foundation of Gloetry’s practice — the strength of collective healing and mutual understanding.


Hours pass like minutes, cups of tea finish, voices are heard, breakthroughs are witnessed. The time has come to close the circle. We squeeze in a little tighter, hold each other’s hands, take a few deep breaths and give thanks to ourselves and our sisters for showing up and being our support. The energy has transformed from the start of the circle. Women are glowing, open, lighter, freer. Their walls are down, their hearts open. The impact of this one Gloetry session ripples throughout each person’s’ spirit — they are closer to their truth. Now inducted as Glowtrotters, we welcome each other into the Gloetry Sisterhood.


Gloetry is a space for us to tap into our own wisdom to guide our journey. It provides women with a consistent social community whenever we are in need of thought-provoking conversation and healing. We exist for women to know that we are not alone and that we do not have to experience life in isolation Gloetry is a space for us to make long-lasting friendships, network and receive the tools we need to illuminate our path and transform our lives. We are emboldening our women to share their voices with each other and the world and to shed our light on humanity.

With our sights set on the future, we plan to expand Gloetry circles online, and across the country, enriching communities, and connecting women everywhere. To join the sisterhood, subscribe to Gloetry’s newsletter at www.gloetry.co. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook!

Stay tuned on where we go to next!