How to use Git efficiently

The code was working yesterday however today it isn’t

The code got erased

An unusual bug has been presented all of a sudden and nobody knows how

On the off chance that you have been in any of the above circumstances then this post is for you.

Aside from knowing git include, git confer , and git push , there are a bundle of other critical strategies in Git. Knowing these will help a ton over the long haul. Here I will cover a portion of the things which will empower you to make the best utilization of Git.

Git work processes

At whatever point various designers are associated with an undertaking it is important to utilize the correct work process for Git. Here I will cover one work process which is exceptionally viable in huge tasks with different engineers.


Unexpectedly you have turned into the tech lead for a venture in which you are intending to construct the following Facebook. The group has three designers:

Alice: an understudy who is new to programming

Weave: has one year of experience and knows programming

John: has 3 long periods of experience and knows programming great

You: doled out as tech lead for this task

Advancement process in Git

Ace branch

The Master Branch ought to dependably have a duplicate of the current code in Production.

No-one — including the tech lead — should be coding specifically in the ace branch since it is a duplicate of creation code.

The real code is composed in different branches.

Discharge branch

At the point when the task starts the primary activity is to make a discharge branch for the undertaking. The discharge branch is made from the ace branch.

All code relating to this undertaking will be in the discharge branch. The discharge branch is only an ordinary branch with the prefix discharge/.

How about we call the discharge branch for this case discharge/fb.

It’s conceivable that there are different activities running on a similar code base. Along these lines, for each undertaking, a different discharge branch is made. Suppose there is one more task running in parallel. At that point that task can have a different discharge branch like discharge/delivery person

The motivation to have a discharge branch is that a similar code base can have different tasks running in parallel — there ought to be no contention between the undertakings.

Highlight branch

For each component that is worked in the application a different element branch is made. This guarantees the highlights can be manufactured autonomously

Highlight branch is much the same as some other branch however with the prefix include/

Presently you, being the tech lead, have requested that Alice fabricate a login screen for Facebook. So she makes another element branch for this. Lets call the element branch include/login. Alice would compose the whole login code in general in this element branch.

The component branch is for the most part made from the discharge branch

Weave has been entrusted with building the “Companion” ask for page. So Bob makes a component branch called highlight/friendrequest

John’s errand is to construct the news source. So John makes an element branch called highlight/newsfeed

The majority of the engineers code in their individual element branches. Things are progressing pretty well 😃

Presently, suppose that Alice completed her assignment and the login code is prepared. She needs to send her code to the discharge branch discharge/fb from her element branch highlight/login. This is done through a force ask.

Draw ask

Above all else, a draw ask for isn’t to be mistaken for git pull .

The designer can’t push the code specifically into the discharge branch. The tech lead needs to audit the element code before it goes into the discharge branch. This is done through a draw ask.

Alice can raise the draw ask for as follows in GitHub — these steps are particularly for GitHub.

Ideal beside the branch name there is a choice called “New draw ask”. Tapping on this opens another screen demonstrated as follows:


the look at branch ought to be Alice’s component branch highlight/login

the base branch ought to be the discharge branch discharge/fb.

When this is done, Alice needs to enter a title and portrayal for the force ask for, lastly tap on “Make Pull Request”. Alice likewise needs to allocate an analyst for this draw ask. She enters your name as the commentator since you are the tech lead.

The tech lead at that point audits the code in the draw ask for, and blends the code from the component branch into the discharge branch

So now you have consolidated the code from the component/login branch tothe discharge/fb branch and Alice is truly upbeat that her code has been blended.

Code Conflicts

Bounce has finished his code too, and has raised a draw ask for from highlight/friendrequest to discharge/fb.

Since the discharge branch as of now has the login code, code clashes happen. It is the obligation of the analyst to determine these code clashes and union the code. For this situation, you as the tech lead need to determine these code clashes and union the code.

Presently John has likewise finished his code and needs to add his code to the discharge branch. Be that as it may, John is entirely great at taking care of code clashes. John takes the Latest code from discharge/fb branch into his own particular element branch highlight/newsfeed ( either through git draw or git combine ). John settle every one of the contentions that are available. Presently the component/newsfeed branch has all the code present in discharge/fb also.

At long last, John raises a draw ask. This time there are no code clashes in the draw ask for since John has effectively settled them.

So there are two different ways to determine code clashes:

First technique: the commentator of the force ask for requirements to determine the code clashes.

Second technique: the engineer guarantees that most recent code from the discharge branch is converged into the element branch and resolves the contentions themselves.

Ace branch once more

Once the task is finished, the code from the discharge branch is converged again into the ace branch. The code is then conveyed to creation. In this way, the code underway and the code in the ace branch are dependably in a state of harmony. This likewise guarantees, for any future venture, the cutting-edge code is accessible in ace.


More data about force demands is here.


You currently know how to make the best utilization of Git. Git has some different ideas like changing submits, and rebasing which are additionally helpful. Be that as it may, Git work process is truly essential for huge undertakings to be effective.

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