Never give up

Before I started my journey with Gloment (Part 1)

My name is Marina and I’m a tango teacher. I have had my own tango school for more than 20 years. In the beginning, this was my absolute dream job: a job full of creativity and freedom — exactly how I wanted it. With the expansion of the school came moving to bigger cities and hiring people. I invested a lot both personally and financially. The school started to become a huge administrative machinery. Financially the situation was getting worse and I was worrying day in day out, struggling to make enough money to pay my bills. I started losing myself. I was running out of money. And even worse, I didn’t feel like myself anymore. What’s crazy about it: I even stopped dancing.

In 2012, I decided to finally sell the school. It was a very tough decision for me because the sale felt like I was abandoning everything — my profession, my self-esteem and, of course, the recognition from the tango community where I was known and respected for the work I had done.

With the sale, I left everything that was carrying me — my whole life’s work. There was nothing left, nothing that could hold me up. I have never been so scared of the future — how would I make ends meet, what should I do next, what do I want to do and how can I get there were questions that were burning in my head 24/7. Additionally, my environment was constantly telling me, that at my age (57) it would be a ridiculous idea to start something new. But I had to. There was a big desire inside of me waiting to prove them wrong. I wanted to redefine my life. I wanted change.

I thought I was ready to take action, but inside I was paralyzed and deeply unhappy. On top of that, my financial situation was a disaster.

There was an emptiness that I had to fill. And that’s when I heard about Gloment.

What I liked about Gloment after a first glance: it didn’t sound spiritual or esoteric, there was no guru involved and it did not look dubious. Instead, Gloment looked pragmatic. And it turned out to be a pragmatic and visionary program that helps you reach your life goals.