Lumbering Oxen Unite!

The following was originally written on my personal blog back in 2011. The restaurant mentioned no longer exists.

Ok . . . So we went to a Thai Restaurant called Satara last night, which is fantastic & I highly recommend it, but here’s the thing: I belong to the society of Lumbering Oxen. Either that or I should start one & join. No, seriously. Let me explain.

We’re eating dinner & talking. I thought I was finished chewing, so I spoke & rice kernels came flying out of my mouth! I was so embarrassed I let out an EEP!

One problem, is I have a huge tongue that either gets in my way or dislodges stuff (Eww!). So, my mouth is a problem. My body is a problem too. I have poor gross motor skills (bodily coordination) due to a combination of issues.

I’m a walking disaster waiting to happen. It shouldn’t bug me so much, but it does. I knew a long time ago that I’d never be a graceful lady, so why be concerned? Well, I’m sure I embarrassed my family & I probably do on a regular basis. I walk & I trip and/or fall or I open my mouth & food flies out.

Now, I’m wondering, is there anyone else out there like me? Let’s start the Lumbering Oxen Society. Maybe we could put our heads together & help each other out. Either that or we’ll put our heads together & give each other a headache. Your guess is as good as mine. 😜

So, if you’re in a nice restaurant & see a nice family enjoying their meal & then you see one fool in the bunch spewing food or being clumsy in general, it’s probably me. Just do my family a favor & don’t stare ok? It might save them a little bit of mortification.

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