Learning to love injera has given me a deeper appreciation of my culture

II remember not liking injera when I was a kid. The spongy, slightly sour bread wrapped around a savory combination of perfectly cured and spiced meats like chicken, goat, and lamb or the equally flavorful spinach, cabbage, and potatoes just didn’t appeal to my six-year-old palate. The start of the…

Helping her live through a painful illness has somehow has brought us closer together

JJuly 23 is a date that makes my shoulders tense. I was 11, and my mom was about to die. I remember calling my dad, who was working evenings driving a taxi, to come home because Mom was really sick. Truth be told, she had been sick for quite some…

Gloria Alamrew

Gloria is an Edmonton-based writer. She writes about all things that centre around Blackness, culture, and the myriad ways they intersect.

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