Metrics and non-profit organizations

My team, compose of five enthusiastic professionals that are eager to learn more, is responsible for the metrics of a non-profit organization. This is a hands-on the job learning experience and after a month observing and handling the insights of the page, we have become more familiar with the measuring process.

With the ‘Likes’, ‘Share” and ‘Comments’, we can determine how engage are the users with the page of our non-profit, that is a charity organization that focuses on fundraising to bring clean water to people in Uganda. Also to create jobs for the communities in that country.

We have been experimenting with different strategies, but unfortunately, we haven’t found the right way to accomplish the organization’s goals: to double their page likes, to drive clicks to specific website project (where they ask for donations) and to get more newsletter subscribers.

It’s being difficult to find the key strategy to reach these goals when the organization is too protective of its page and fright of experimenting new ways to manage it.

Personally, it has been a very exciting experience, with lots of ups and downs for the limited information given to us. But we still strong and with a big desire of going through this project, learn and accomplish this challenge of building the audience for the organization that was appointed to us.

After experimenting with the insights, I realize that the best days to post in this page is Fridays, Sundays and Wednesday. Time? Early in the morning (8:45a.m. during the week), late afternoons (4:45 p.m.) and night (9:00 p.m. Especially on Sunday).

The use of video gave us very good results when we used them, we got a lot of engagement. But we haven’t been able to use videos much because of the technicalities of the organization.

Through this month, we also found out that long posts don’t work well, so we decided that simple posts are better.

Some of the positive changes that we have seen during the past month during our work with this organization are: we have increased the number of posts and the page likes, but not in the way we will like. We know we have to work harder to accomplish the organization’s goals.

For this reason, last week we worked on a new strategy that we will start implementing and we expect to work and help us accomplish mainly the goals established of increase the number of page likes and the number of posts likes, comments and shares.

Our plan to succeed consists of the following steps:

· To have posts more frequently (of course with good content).

· To vary the posts to make them fun.

· To use attractive pictures.

· Definitely to use videos.

· To use the hashtag sign.

· To use infographics, short videos and slideshows.

· Will create interactive quizzes with the page users as it was recommended to us.

· Will work to pair the stories with the pictures that were given to us, so we’ll be able to have more captivating stories.

· Definitely we won’t be using many posts with links to the organization’s projects asking for donations as the management of the page was doing before. We believe it doesn’t work on the Facebook page.

This is our plan, we are hoping the organization approve this steps and give us the opportunity to experiment other achieve the organization and our goals.