An Open Letter to Ohio’s Congressional Delegation from Ohio health professionals

SIGN LETTER HERE. This letter will be delivered to Ohio Members of Congress by the end of March 2017.

Dear Ohio Members of Congress,

As someone who works or will work in the health care community and who cares about health care in Ohio, I am signing on to this letter to you, my Ohio elected representative. I strongly urge you to vote against the American Health Care Act, the current House vehicle to “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act.

The Affordable Care Act, passed seven years ago this month, is not perfect. But it has been a major step in a positive direction, reducing the number of uninsured in this great nation of ours by nearly 50%. We providers repeatedly see the health and financial troubles our fellow Americans face when they lack affordable insurance. The Hippocratic Oath reminds us to “first, do no harm.” Any legislation that reduces, directly or indirectly, the number of people with health coverage does harm.

Many large, nonpartisan, mainstream organizations including the American Medical Association, the American Nurses Association, the American Hospital Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and AARP have expressed their opposition to the American Health Care Act. We remind you of the American Medical Association’s concerns about “the potential harm it would cause to vulnerable patient populations.”

A new report by Ohio non-partisan think tank the Center for Community Solutions calculates that Ohio will lose between $19-$26 billion in Medicaid funding. The Columbus Dispatch reports 1 in 4 Ohioans — or 3 million people — will lose health care funding. Investments made in addressing Ohio’s opioid epidemic will be squandered if the current health care bill is allowed to roll back quality care for mental health and substance abuse, currently funded via Medicaid, which helps cover at least 30,000 Ohioans who suffer from substance use disorders. Health care funding cuts in Ohio mean lives lost and avoidable human suffering that will be largely borne by children, seniors, people with disabilities and people with severe chronic disease.

I know you share my commitment to the well-being of the people we in the health care community serve. I implore you to vote against any health care legislation, whichever party proposes it, that takes secure, affordable, comprehensive coverage away from any of your constituents.


SIGN LETTER HERE. This letter will be delivered to Ohio Members of Congress by the end of March 2017.

  1. Ken Frisof, MD, Family physician

2. Gloria Tavera, MD/PhD Candidate, Case Western Reserve University

3. Arthur Lavin, MD, Advanced Pediatrics

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4. Akshay Sharma, MD Candidate

5. Louisa Onyewadume,

6. Chelsey Judge, PhD

7. Braveen Ragunanthan, MD Candidate,

8. Jackie Mostow, MD Candidate,

9. Shivani Damera

10. Joshua Buzzard, MD Candidate

11. Tanya Khan, MD Candidate

12. Kristin Lambert-Jenkins, MD Candidate

13. Sanjay Sridaran, MD Candidate

14. Nikhil Krishnan, MD Candidate

15. Mary K Henzel, MD, PhD

16. Anne Lapeikis

17. Jessica Jones, MD Candidate

18. James Misak, MD

19. Molly Howland, MD Candidate

20. Carolyn Moes

21. Andrew Tarr, MD Candidate

22. Caitlin Carlton

23. M. Peck, RN, BSN

24. Jacob Sadik, MD

25.Candy Sarikonda

26. Katherine Lambes, MD

27. Carol Farver, MD

28. Roxanne B Sukol MD MS

29. Howard L Levine MD

30. Mark Warren, MD

31. Carla ODay, MD

32. Monica Birsen, MA, LPCC-S

33. Catherine Romanos, MD

34. M Stacia Dearmin, MD

35. Randall D. Cebul, MD

36. Victoria Byrd, MD Candidate

37. David M. Hutt, MD

38. Robert Mulcahy, MD

39. Nemat Sharaf

40. Sarah Frischmann

41. Adrian M. Schnall, MD

42. Colin McCluney, MD

43. Anne S Wise, MD

44. Cheryl E. Weinstein, MD

45. Dr. Joan Lederer

46. Robert Haynie MD PhD

47. Jamie Ponmattam

48. J Richard Ludgin MD Esq

49. Cindy Morrris-Firak

50. Teresa Kammerman MD

51. Richard J Lederman, MD, PhD

52. Margaret Morey Stager, M.D.

53. diane burgin, md

54. Nathan Stehouwer, MD

55. Kirkland Wilson, MD/PhD Candidate

56. Judith Senecal RN, BSN

57. Randall D. Cebul, MD

58. Barbara Gripshover, MD

59. DaShawn Hickman, MD/PhD Candidate

60. Joan Delahay

61. Robertha Barnes

62. Rachel Rosen DeGolia

63. John R Brewer

64. Theresa Pretlow, Professor Emerita, Case Western Reserve Medical School

65. Edward S. Sadar, M.D.

66. Daniel A. Medalie, MD

67. Rita Horwitz

68. Dr. Michael M. Lederman

69. Constance Magoulias MD

70. Krishan Chandar MD

71. Megan Testa, MD

72. Matthew Noordsij-Jones, MD

73. Dodie Rimmelin, MD MPH Candidate

74. Thomas Pretlow, MD

75. Daniel Sweeney MD

76. Cat Ahlberg, MD Candidate

77. Christina Antenucci, MD

78. Brooke M. Wolf, MD

79. Sawsan Alhaddad MD

80. Neil Greenspan, MD, PhD

81. Charles A. Herron, MD

82. Melanie Golembiewski, MD MPH

83. Ellen Gelles,MD

84. melvin shafron, md

85. Mary Beth Mathews, PhD, RN, B-C

86. Barbara Daly, PhD, RN

87. Ted Getz, MD Candidate

88. Todd Wagner, MD

89. Ben Genco, MD Candidate 2018

90. Braeden Dolan, MD Candidate

91. Robert Needlman, MD

92. Eric J. B. Shapiro, M.D.

93. Meera Patel, DO Candidate

94. Christopher Gillespie, MD

95. Mary Keating, MA, MSW, LISW-S

96. Nancy Carver

97. Marianella Napolitano

98. Patrick Murray, MD, MS

99. Mary Murphy, MD

100. Anupama Cemballi

101. Mickey Weinstein MD

102. Emily Verbus, MD Candidate

103. Dr Michael Seidman

104. Marcia R. Silver, MD, FACP

105. Vanessa Van Doren, MD Candidate

106. Rebecca Ye

107. Paula Anderson, RN

108. Bindu Sehgal

109. Dave Margolius MD

110. Neil Vallabh, MD Candidate

111. William Carey MD MACG FAASLD

112. Eleni Pelecanos MD Mph

113. Lutetia Li, MD Candidate

114. Ulrich Hopfer, MD, PhD

115. Ann Reichsman, MD

116. Elena Fuell Wysong, MD Candidate

117. Mark Binstock MD

118. Janice Lanier JD RN

119. Nathaniel Robinson, MD/PhD Candidate

120. Douglas Kerr, MD, PhD

121. Eric Friess MD MS

122. Debra Leizman, MD

123. Peter Paladin, MD

124. Alison Tomazic

125. Barbara Rogers RN,MSN

126. Susan A O’Brien, PMHCNS-BC

127. Elise DeVore Berlan MD, MPH, FAAP, FSAHM

128. Dr. Jon Abrahamson

129. Mark N. Rood, MD

130. shirley kondo

131. Kathleen Glaze

132. Cindy DiFrancisco Jahnsz LPN

133. Douglas Mayers MD

134. Antonnette V. Graham PhD

135. Sarah Sweeney, MD

136. Barbara Baetz-Greenwalt, MD, MBA

137. Christina Stehouwer, PA, MPH

138. Ellen Rothchild MD

139. Lindsay Munkiak

140. Elizabeth Edmiston, RN MSN CCRN

141. Kate Pakenham, RN BSN

142. Joseph Jozic

143. Shaylinn Romano

144. Kimberly Back, LISW-S

145. Mary Elizabeth Earle, APRN

146. Michaela Little LISW-S, LICDC

147. Brandy Niemiller


149. C. Wynkoop R.N.

150. Dr. Sasha Yurgionas

151. Ranae McManamon

152. Julia Blanchette, RN, CDE

153. Kristin Grimm, MPH, CDCA

154. Luke Beckman, MD

155. Beverly Bowman Retired LPN

156. Patricia A. Takacs MSN, RN, ANP

157. Lindsey Carlsen, RN

158. Lisa C. Navracruz, MD

159. Judith A. Wood, Ph.D., R.N.

160. Sherrie Dixon Williams, MD, MHS

161. David M. Burkons, M.D.

162. Fred Jorgensen md

163. Daniekl L Meges MD FACP

164. Kate Kelley, MPH

165. Joylynn Daniels MPA, BSN, RN

166. Marie Luciano, LSW, MSSA

167. Stephen Flynn, MD

168. Debra E. Heidrich, MSN, RN, ACHPN

169. Annie Slota

170. Ruth Gholz

171. Susan E Busch

172. Camille Yongue, MD Candidate

173. Pat Berning RN

174. Cheryl Sara

175. Mary Davidson APRN

176. Micah Johnson, MD Candidate

177. Emily N Ahadizadeh, MD Candidate

178. Alison Swartwout, BSN Candidate

179. Irene Prilutskiy, BSN Candidate

180. Mirriam Lee

181. Jillian Tucker

182. Kristi Swanson

183. Manisha Singh, Graduate Student

184. Kaitlyn Cantu BSN Candidate

185. Carolyn Ward

186. Barbara J. Henry, DNP

187. Monica LemckeK. Booth RN BSN

188. Tito Joe Thomas, MD Candidate

189. Maryellen Grounds, RN, BSN, CRNI, CHPN

190. Nancy G, Savage PHD RN

191. Veronica Miller

192. Dora Cobrinik, MD Candidate

193. Peter A DeGolia, M.D., CMD

194. Michelle Cruz MD/PhD Candidate

195. Christine Smothers, BSN Candidate

196. Neha Solanki

197. Nancy Myers RN, MSN, CNP