. A a blank spot that needs beauty.

  • For a first attempt at designing a garden see what you like in pictures and other yards. Learn what is native and will not die. If if a plant lives in your area and you like the color, texture, size, and blend; list the advantages and disadvantages before leaving and planting. Draw a plan for each idea and try looking for what you really want. Visit a professional garden, garden sales like the Master Gardener’s Sales. Be sure not to go for whims. If it needs lots of water in among arid conditions and plants, forget that dream from the start.

The plan will take time. A path, arch, plants already there were blended with new short plants in front and taller in the back . The Desert Willows were over whelmed by faster growing plants but they will grow in arid climates without water. They bloom in pink and blue to match the wisteria. (Wisteria just won’t die. Native to Japan it was not native to this garden.) An arch for the purple flowers were welcome in a early spring.

Surprised by so many trees it was interesting to see what the birds had planted ! Now to decide how to thin this garden for a better landscape or natural area.

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