Yes, the word “edutainment” is a little cringe-worthy, but hear us out. We believe that most people love to learn — if you present it to them in the right way. It’s harder to do than posting a hot take or recapping some recent news event, but when you do it well, people love it, because it makes them smarter.
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Nathan Bashaw

Edutainment. Reading instruction.

Effects of a Critical Reading Strategy on the Reading Comprehension of Tenth Grade Reading Students.

Gloria Wiginton MEd

Reading teacher (Retired) Presented at Texas State Reading conference

Reading is a cognitive process which is based on the five senses.

Cooper, Nellie, How to Teach The Primary Grades. Flanagan Co., Chicago, 1935

Hang in there! We will get current! She had results! Kids learned when she was the Primary Supervisor East Tennessee State Normal School. Johnson City, Tennessee.

Nellie begins with her goals. “Growth in the Moral Values, Mental Reasoning, or Industrial Life is largely the result of an ideal or goal which a person desires to attain.”

. Higher Level thinking is for every student! Global education has been growing in the research journals of the International Reading Ass. Results are seen in the workplaces.

. Kids have goals!!!! Your ideas may reach some in a great way!

. Using I-I P Qu E strategy of Critical Thinking grade levels rose. Introduce, Investigate, Present, Question, & Evaluate

. Do you want curriculums, story, graduated reading levels, travel notes, history & biology lessons for parks, or what?

. Maybe an interest survey is best for any learner. One student advanced two grade levels in reading and actually became an active biology student as Jane Goodall was introduced to her. Motivation was important before she wanted to learn biological terms. No wonder so many sit and try to deal with sleep disorders in biology class!! Study skill drills and pop test have to become relevant and goal oriented.

. One one student told me he didn’t have to read to play basket ball! We found out that people get paid good money to work in other fields by looking up average pay scales on the Internet! Also many professional basketball players have injuries and need a career path. We found the Air Force interested him and reading about flight was fun! Reading level increased 2 years in three months!