. Many years before Norris Dam State Park. Siotha Hibbs was five years old. Her favorite animal was a cow named Bessie. The neighbor’s cows were stolen often. In those days Milk was fresh each morning when the cows were milked. Farms were were self sufficient and going to the store was an all day journey. The spring house had cool water where milk would keep for a day or two. After Bessie was milked, Siotha liked to churn for butter.

. Siotha’s Mother told her to hide Bessie the cow in the woods because some men were traveling by the creek who might take Bessie away from the farm.

. Siotha went into the woods with Bessie after dark. They hid all night between several large oak trees near some blackberry bushes. There was a stream nearby where Siotha & Bessie could drink the clear, clean water from a spring.

. As night fell several large men on horses came down the creek bank. They camped near Siotha and Bessie! They talked about how much they wished for milk and steak! They had not eaten in two days. They searched around and found the berries and a small chicken. The firelight frightened Siotha. She was careful to walk very little. When she did walk, she walked on the outside of her foot and placed the other foot into the same foot print. She took care not to crack sticks or do anything the men could hear. Soon she fell asleep!

. At sunrise she was happy to see the men were gone. Mother would be very glad that Siotha and Bessie were home safe.


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