U S A | From Los Angeles to San Francisco and back

Imagine yourself on a rooftop bar at Venice Beach sipping a fresh beer after a day spent riding your bike down to Santa Monica. On the horizon, you can see palm trees, a couple of sailing boats and the sun go down. You are with your friends — old and new.. it doesn’t matter, it’s just great — playing “I can spy with my little eye something beginning with…” and you laugh and laugh affected by this crazy tipsiness that starts running through your body. Welcome to California.

7 hour bus drive to San Francisco. Unusual combo coffee-banana for breakfast at the bar on the corner. People go to work, it’s Monday morning. This city smells like weed and Ellis St is what you should avoid. Seals at Pier 39 enjoy the sun. Rattling of cable cars. The streets are literally as steep as you imagined them to be. The Golden Gate Bridge is just immense. The Mission and its Mexican soft and hard tacos. Tech people just wear Levis jeans and white T-shirts. Rai cooks awesome Japanese tempura.

“To a traveler paying his first visit, it has the interest of a new planet. It ignores the meteorological laws which govern the rest of the world.”~Fitz Hugh Ludlow

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