I met him 24 yrs. ago. We lasted for 10 yrs before I had to separate myself from the most loving powerful relationship I had ever known.

It took me 14 yrs. to accept myself and him fully. In those 14 yrs. he never gave up on me. Our relationship with each other was not replaceable and we both knew it. During those 14 yrs. we only had e mail contact for birthdays, holidays and occasional life changing updates. I had not seen him or spoken to him in 14 yrs.

Then he gave me the news he had been hospitalized. He was critical. The thought that I would loose him brought to light that if God above would spare his life, then I knew I was now ready to be with him again. I fully accepted both of us for who we were, I had so much love to give and I would not waste one more second in this lifetime letting him know and feel just how deeply I loved him. I also would no longer deprive my self of the greatest love I have ever known. There is only joy now!

In the end I believe that our relationship is the result of Divine Intervention. I am deeply grateful. I am a peace knowing that when our time here has ended the bond that lives within us will always find its way to flow back to each other.

I could feel your confidence, deep sense of love and wisdom of in your article. Thank you for inspiring me to share my story.




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