It’s been about six months since I’ve stepped off my college campus for the last time. Having just started my first job, moved to a new city, and rented my first apartment, I can’t help but feel butterflies as I tumble through this disorienting transition. Before all this novelty settles into routine and habit, I want to document my latest thoughts and learnings about life here.

1. Making it through 16 years of school is like swimming a frenzied race in an Olympic swimming pool. Making it through the rest of your life as an adult is like swimming a race, too, but in the Pacific ocean.

My life up until now has been molded from inside a giant pressure cooker. I was shuttled back and forth between piano lessons and tutoring camps my whole childhood, and through high school, I had few priorities beyond achieving academic success and getting into an elite college. …

Short and sweet

I watched a computer science lecture on functional programming today. I admit my mind was pretty blown upon learning about this whole new way to approach programming! It also hit me how useful these concepts are for data analysis. Two summers ago, I had a research advisor who sang the praises of functional programming techniques in R, so much that she’d write impassioned rants on Twitter about how for loops and R programming shouldn’t mix. Now I know what she’s talking about ❤

I spent the evening joyously reading through some advanced R manuals. I’m excited to get my hands dirty with a new analysis project so that I can practice more with these sleek techniques — it’s like I’m in on a cool new secret or something. …

Still sheltering in place.

Today, I scoured the internet for tips on how to be a better writer. Of the dozens of listicles I read, here were the points I found good and tractable:

  • Write regularly, and turn it into a ritual
  • Find a writing partner or workshop
  • Don’t revise as you write ( I’m currently super guilty of this)

Becoming a member of a small writer’s group or critique circle would be such a profoundly helpful opportunity, so now I’m actively searching for one. To get my feet wet, I joined a few large Facebook groups for writers (10-minute novelist group, The Write Life Community, and Blogging Boost). …


Gloria Feng

Writer, Cog-Neuro Research Assistant @ Yale. Presenting my thoughts about self-development and life as a former college student || gloriawfeng.com

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