UCD Charrette

I designed a smart vehicle for people who are not tech-friendly but desire a more Eco-friendly method of transportation. I chose to do this because my parents both drive electric cars, but they are not the type of people who would want a very complicated user interface.

The user that I imagine benefiting the most from this vehicle is someone who is middle aged and used to simpler technology, but still wants a vehicle that can provide to them all the necessities that they want. The scenario that came to mind was someone who just wants an electric car that is similar to a mid-tier gas-powered car nowadays, but also offers practical features such as good mileage and easy to navigate controls. The steering wheel and inner contents of the car should also be very similar to a traditional vehicle. In my mind, the user that I am targeting does not want a flashy outer appearance and it should not stand out very much.

I realized that I am making a lot of generalizations about my target user, and that even if I think that they would want something, it may not be accurate. I realized that taking polls or asking the target user that I want what they are interested in may be the best solution for this issue. Building off of this issue, I also thought that I couldn’t brainstorm to a high extent just because I thought that my own preferences were influencing what I thought other people would want, even though I don’t fit the middle-aged, non-technical user that I was imagining.

I liked how this project pushed me to lay out a diagram and lay out an interaction flow with a step by step diagram. I am not used to brainstorming topics in an organized way, and I thought that this experience helped a lot in making sure that my ideas made sense and were practical.

I think that this experience will help a lot in the future with group projects. Often times I find that I am required to brainstorm and contribute my ideas to a bigger group, and sometimes I found that my ideas didn’t make sense when I said them aloud or seemed excessive. A specific example would be in my English class, when we worked in group projects I would always come up with ideas that were too difficult to do within the time frame that we had and no one would agree to my ideas. A lot of people just stuck with PowerPoints, for example, because it was the easiest way to “present” something even though we were given the opportunity to do something creative. I think that the process of writing everything down and creating a chart that targets what the user wants and then designing it is a useful structure that I can apply in many ways in the future.

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