Budapest = fraud

Welcome to the city of beautiful buildings, handsome men and a whole lot of criminals. See, Budapest has become a very popular tourist destination. But also a very popular place to study for many foreigners who, in theory, could enjoy getting a good education while paying less for accomodation and food etc.

But I keep hearing more and more from students who are being robbed, landlords taking their deposits without any reason, “agents” who sell all kinds of services — but never ever delivers. Bars who overcharge, metro service inspectors who let tourists into the metro ticket zone with one way tickets and say “ok, ok, ok” and when they come down to the metro, they have other inspectors who fine them (all of them) a fortune for not having a “valid ticket”. uh…

On top of that, you have the every day dishonest behaviour that makes Paul Wolfowitz look like a trustworthy person.

This is just the first of many articles I`m going to write about Budapest, where to go and which agencies and businesses to stay the hell away from.

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