Consider these questions when crafting your presentation

What is a portfolio review?

Improve your chances of success with these useful tips

How might I begin creating a portfolio?

What if I don’t have any experience?

What do recruiters look for in a portfolio?

A designer’s blueprint for success

What is Product Design?

What is the Product Design process?

What skills do I need to be a Product Designer?

Are you the only designer or one of few in your company?

Is the value of design being questioned by the people above you?

Does anyone really know what you do as a product or UX/UI designer?

Think about the impact on society and beyond

Image courtesy of Pexels

We as designers are in a position to proactively drive positive change within our communities.

  1. Minimal tech. As screens take up more of…

“How did you get into UX without a design degree?”

“What did you do to learn how to become a UX designer?”

“What advice would you give to someone looking to transition into UX design?”

What is a Design Sprint?

Gloria Lo

Product Designer at Canva

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